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Lower Huron adds new products daily! In fact, over the past 30 years we have added more than 10,000 items. If it is new we have it.

Unger SmartColor MicroFiber String Mop Medium Duty

Description:Excellent for removing tough stains, scuff marks, gum, or other difficult-to-remove dirt.

Price: $15.98

WaterHog Eco Elite and Eco Elite Fashion

Description:Environmentally friendly WaterHog Eco Elite mats are made with 100% post-consumer recycled PET Polyester fiber.

Price: $0.00

SSS® Tango Graffiti & Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste - 16 oz

Description:Safely and easily removes graffiti, dirt, grime and marks from hard surfaces without the use of harmful solvents.

Price: $14.95

Spartan Lite'n Foamy 1000 mL Hand Soap Dispenser - White

Description:Made with tough ABS plastic for long service. White/Black

Price: $8.25

Motor Scrubber™, Battery Powered Backpack Scrubber

Description:Long Handle Motor Scrubber™ - 48 Includes scrubber head & handle, backpack & battery, 5 ft. coil cord, padholder, an assortment of the most popular interchangeable

Price: $588.00

Spartan Clothesline Fresh BLD #2 - 5 Gal.

Description:The elevated pH of Clothesline Fresh BLD speeds up soil removal during washing by allowing the individual fibers of a fabric to open up which expedites entrapped soil release.

Price: $123.05

Kimberly-Clark® WYPALL® Dusting System - Long Handle Kit

Description:Kit includes 2 additional long handles along with 40 dusters.

Price: $94.08