Lower Huron is an equal opportunity employer. We look for hard working and dedicated employees with "Integrity" to help make our company the best in the industry. If you think you can help us, please send us your resume.

Commission Sales Person

Lower Huron Company is currently seeking full and part time commission sales personal.

In order to succeed in sales you must be able to face the following facts:

- If you do not sell you receive no pay.

- You must be very self-motivated.

- You must have a good ability to handle business math and writing skills.

- Must be able to express yourself well.

- Must be able to keep commitments.

- Must be a people person.

- Must have a drive to want to sell.

Our product line can be used by any type of business. If your job is performed properly you will be able to maintain a repeat customer, since most of our products are consumed on a regular basis. However, getting the chance to approach a potential customer is very hard. In fact it takes about three years of experience to create a career that you love and the potential to earn a high, well-deserved income.

Nothing good comes easy, but hard, smart work and our great commission program can earn you unlimited income.
Nobody makes any money unless a sale is made, that is why Lower Huron wants motivated sales personnel. However, we understand that in the first year it is harder than ever to get sales moving and that is why during the first year a commission sales person will be paid at the rate of 50% commission of the published profit instead of the normal 35%.

For complete details, please e-mail.

Pay range: commission

Contact: Mark Paladino

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